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The MSU Broad Art Museum connects people with art through experiences that inspire curiosity and inquiry. With a focus on the art of our time—in dialogue with the historical—the museum encourages engagement with timely issues of local relevance and global significance. We are committed to amplifying perspectives and stories by underrepresented and oppressed communities through the arts and creating an inclusive environment for meaningful dialogue about equity and social justice.

Venue offerings:

  • Families at the Broad: With the health and safety of your family in mind, we've moved our monthly in-person Family Day digital. Each month, FAB Club at Home offers monthly creative activities that invite you to make and explore art with your family.
  • School field trips: Observing, discussing, and making artwork is a way to learn about yourself and others. Our virtual field trips provide up-close art encounters that build skills for conversation and creative expression. Presently offered via Zoom and Google Classroom. Pre-recorded content also available.
  • Studio Squad: FREE afterschool program for youth ages 9-12. Structured around weekly virtual meet-ups that build a community of friendship through art. Participants create art individually and together while learning about artists around the world.
  • Looking to act: Images, Observers, and Activism Today is a D2L self-guided program designed for university courses and individual learners alike. The program provides participants with the visual literacy and critical thinking skills required to critique and create images in the service of social justice.
  • University tours and class visits: We welcome all courses regardless of the enrollment size or discipline. Tours are designed to promote co-teaching, co-learning, and co-discovery as students practice creativity, close-looking, and perspective-taking. Experiences can be customized to course learning goals and include various instruction methods, including discussions, individual reflections, collaborative activities, writing exercises, or art-making experiences. Currently offered via Zoom. Pre-recorded tours available.

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547 E Circle Dr
East Lansing, MI 48824

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